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Friday, September 14, 2012

Preppy Walk (Lyrics)

Ladies and gentleman 
It's officially over
Cuz I feel like I'm gonna do the Preppy Walk 
Do the Preppy Walk, do the do the Preppy Walk 

1st Verse 
Big green eyes
Cute face to match 
Look at me ladies
I'm a Preppy Preppy catch!

Long luscious fur
Big whiskers 
Super sonic pur
Warm in the winter 

Chase string 
Aint a thing
Catch mice 
That aren't moving 

I like fish toys 
I love food 
I hate Kona
She's just rude 

Eh Preppy Boy, can you do the Preppy Walk? 
Eh Eh Preppy Boy, can you do the Preppy Walk? 
Eh Eh Eh Preppy Boy, can you do the Preppy Walk? 
Do the, do the Preppy Walk, do the do the Preppy Walk

Oh my goodness
This is crazy right now now now now
Let me do something I've never done 
Let me speed it up right now, right now 

2nd Verse 
Ever heard a kitty cat rhyme this
Ever heard a kitty cat make hits like this 
No you never heard another kitty bang bang like me 
Never heard another kitty sing sang like me 

But it's the reason the ladies will flock 
Looking so Preppy when I start to talk 
Turning my head and I  give them a shock 
Looking so Preppy now stop

Cat nip in plastic
Tuna fantastic 
Bending gymnastics 
Fish toys, elastics 

Staples of a preppy kitty 
Living in a preppy city 
Now you seen me talk talk 
Watch me do my walk walk 


3rd Verse 
I Get Tuna 
I Dance Preppy 
I Wear Sweaters 
No Checkers

Nobody like me
Ladies wanna wife me
But I tell them no 
So politely 

Oh look at me, I'm a Preppy Cat Stunna
You can look around but you'll find no other 
Sitting with my shades on, it's it's game on 
Never wear a sweater made out of nylon 

Oh I'm an animal, a kitty cat
Home run when I step up to bat
Oh oh thank you, for your applause 
Ripping up the place even without front claws 

Oh I don't know where that came from 
But it was totally awesome
I didn't even know I was capable of that 
I wonder what else I could do 

4th Verse 
Kona wanna take my food, better not touch it I'm a real bad dude
Every body want to preppy walk and talk but they never want pay their dues
Sitting on a couch in a house is what I call Preppy now Preppy divine
Don't you dare touch my food because it is mine  

Oh my goodness
I don't even to sing anything now hommie 
This track is just so awesome 
Put your paws together, put your paws together
That was weird, no?

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