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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Season 3 Episode 2 Analysis and What's Next

Hello there everyone,

I hope you all loved my latest episode Oppa Gangnam Style Cat Parody

I'd like to give you a bit of a background about this episode.  I've been training really hard each night practicing my dance moves for my upcoming music video "Preppy Kitty Style" and I wanted to show the world what I have been up to.  I find it very relaxing to practice "said" moves at night when others are not as noisy.  I did turn the music a little loud that night but it was because I really got into my dance rehearsal.

This was also one of the first times master had a feature role in an episode and the response has been great.  I'm thinking he may be in a few more episodes coming up this season.

We have a lot in store for everyone this coming season.  While Kona and I are on strike we will have Graw make some guest appearances on the show.  This will mark the first time he's ever been in the present as he's always been in the future with Kona in the year 2015

There will also be another character who will make his acting debut in S3 and his name is "Batchula"
Please join me in welcoming him to the cast!

Batchula has had some trouble flying on his own so we've had to add some strings to his wings to help him get around.  I'm sure you'll love him on the show though, he and Graw will both bring an excellent dynamic.  He's actually a big reason why SHC (Super Hero Cat) was able to save Kona from the Oglogs in 2015.  Once our tuna demands are met we will be able to show everyone how SHC saved Kona.

We may actually be able to show everyone sooner as we will explain in our next blog on our kitty cat "union"

The next episode will be my "Preppy Kitty Style" official music video.  I'm hoping to get it out very soon, I don't want to say an exact date but I'm doing my best to have it out there this month.

We will also have Kona training for the Olympics and I will get a stunt double in S3.

Look forward to sending you some more updates on things within the next couple days

Stay Preppy!