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Friday, December 21, 2012

Preppy Kitty Style N2 Review

Hello everyone,

I hope you all really enjoyed my newest video Preppy Kitty Style, it was a lot of fun to make.

It has been a long road in making this video and at the end master explain's why it took so long and what our plan is for the future.  Let's get to all the fun stuff first.

So the bathtub scene of Kona getting her bath was by far my favorite shot.  It was the last thing that we filmed but definitely the best.  She scampered out of the tub fairly quickly as you could see and the footage had to be slowed down to fully capture her speedy escape.

The shot of me with the sunglasses on was not my favorite shot but I tolerated it.  I don't like wearing glasses "at all" but I did it for the show.  I'm stipulating in my new contract that I will not wear any type of glasses at any time.

Kona did try to steal my dance moves and one up me but I had a lot more groove in my fury step if you watch the clip of us dancing together.

I really wanted to make this video about the fans as much as it was about me, so I had as much fan art

and awesome preppy kitty pics

that I could cram into one video.  I think this really highlights the importance of your role as fans, you're the ones that make these episodes possible and without your support the show "literally" could not go on.

I decided to chop some fruit up to show my dominance in the kitchen as a BOSS!

The catnip scene with Kona was a lot fun, I don't remember much about that shot.... where was I, oh yeah catnip, oh I love catnip so much... anyways so.... we had fun with that, it was sooooo much catnip that I felt like I was climbing up a mountain of awesomeness!

The scenes of me dancing from car to lamp post to building really highlight my athleticism.  I jumped so quickly the camera had a hard time keeping up with my totally awesome explosiveness!

I must say though, the one scene that was a little scary, was when I was dancing on the speed boat.  I really had to get a good grip on that front deck of the ship.  The helicopter flying overhead was rather intimidating as it roared past.  Ultimately I told the director I wanted it in the shot so he obliged to my "demands".  

The rhino scene went a lot better than I thought it would.  Rhino's are surprisingly docile creatures that don't seem to mind cats dancing on there backside's.  Now you may get the impression that I was excited when Kona stuck her bum in the air, you would be correct in thinking that.  I was excited in a horrified way though as you can not hear the stinky sounds she's making with each thrust she makes in the air.

Facebook has been really good to me, I have over 10, 000 likes right now because of all of you fans who've supported me on this journey, so I had to include a big shout out to the FB nation.

I did enjoy showing off many of my "skillz" as I dunk a basketball, kick a soccer ball, hold a tennis raquette and wear preppy shoes.  Those shoes are what give me the edge over most cats on the basketball court, I don't seem to slide uncontrollably over the hardwood floors with them on.  They are a "slam dunk", totally awesome, YEP!

Kona was really excited to do the elevator dance as you could see... however, we didn't have an elevator so we simply used a regular door.  It was one of the more complicated shots in the show but I thought it turned out very well.  My dancing skills have been coming along quite well as you can see I've still got the "moonwalk" moves and all the appropriate spins and turns on the floor.  

Kona totally ruined the shot of us walking towards each other by swatting at me which hurt quite a bit I must say, so I felt that it would only be appropriate to have her mocked by a young fan as she is dunked in water.

At the end of the show there's a link to a very important announcement about the show by master.

He talks about how we do not have the time any longer to keep making shows on a regular basis.  We would love to make episodes for you on a regular basis and in order to do this we need to get at least a million views for "Preppy Kitty Style" in a month to have a viral video standing.  This will help raise enough money to make the rest of season 3 in a couple months, allowing us to releasing one episode every 1-2 weeks.  If we can't get the views then we will try a fund raiser asking the fans to help out or to have people sponsor the show.  I don't want to be a burden to anyone so I would really like to see the show make it through views.

If we can't get the views, funding, or sponsors then we will probably have an episode released every 2 months.  So 12 episodes to finish S3 will take two years instead of a few months.  I've really tried to do my best to make you all happy and bring some joy to your lives through my show.  It was something I wanted to continue to do for as long as I could and I do believe that we can make this happen together. No one person will be able to do it on their own, but collectively we can all have a part in making this show a weekly treat to look forward to.

I will be releasing an episode near the end of January to let the world know how we've done and if we need to do a fund raiser or not.  Let's all come together and save the show.

There are some things in our lives that are worth looking forward to and I believe this show helps people in many ways that words can not express.  If you feel the same way please help in making Preppy Kitty Style a success and share it with everyone who you feel needs a smile

Sincerely yours,