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Friday, December 28, 2012

Super Hero Cat - Behind the Scenes Review

Hello fans!

So far this video Super Hero Cat

has been a huge success since it's release date on July 5th 2012.  It has a total of 207,976 views so far.  It was a lot of fun to make so I decided to show you how I went about creating some of the shots, a kind of a behind the scenes if you will for all of you totally awesome fans.  Don't get it twisted that master did all the talking in this episode, I just wanted a break for a minute.  This talking thing hurts my tender feline jaw muscles as I've had to adapt from the natural meow to the complex human language and I prefer to use those jaw muscles for eating food.

In the opening part of the behind the scenes video I show how I recruit master to move all of the furniture for me to set up the green screen. I love how you can see Kona and I walking around at break neck speeds as the footage is sped up.  The green screen is essential to the shots because it helps to give the illusion that I'm floating through the air with my cape.  What master doesn't realize is that I can really fly; )

You see how messy and hard it is to navigate around the rest of the apartment when the green screen and lights are put up because they need so much room to allow me to do my N2 cat action shots!  Again I really like how you see me get up, walk around and sit back down in fast motion from 1.23-1.32.  It just shows how agile I can be when I put my mind to it.

I'm glad that master pointed out how "Kona" was the one who completely destroyed the couch because I have never done anything of that nature, I'm always such a kind and peaceful ol' chap!

When looking at the Super Hero Cat (SHC) cape you can really see how much work went into it.  The beautiful hand stitching of the emblem, the soft fabric, oh it was so awesome!  It was a lot of fun to make.  I first hand drew the idea of the cape and went through several different ideas until I picked the winner!

I then made a graphic design of the image and printed it off so it could be used as a stencil (outline) for my cape design.

I picked out all the fabric and made sure everything was the right texture and thickness at the fabric store.  One of my good friends who looks after me at times when master is away stitched it for me, she is a seamstress and did an impecable job carrying out my vision.

Once it's placed on me you see how regal and sophisticated I look, some would say hot, but I'll take cute in a pinch.  I really enjoyed receiving all of the tantalizing cat treats the most out of everything.  I got so many treats given to me that day that I had to take quite a bit of time to lie down.  Things seem to be getting more tiring in my old age.  This summer I will be 13!

I wanted to show everyone the difference in the edited shots from 3.44-4.52 as I flip between the initial green screen shots to the finished product.  As the show gains popularity we will be able to refine these fx but you get the idea of what a true SHC is capable of!

I hope you really enjoyed the episode everyone.  I had a lot of fun making it and I want to make sure that I can keep making the show for you, so please continue to help the "save the show" cause and share "Preppy Kitty Style" with as many of your friends as possible.

I've set a deadline date of February 1st to get a million views for "Preppy Kitty Style" and so far we are at 30,466 views within the first week.  If we can't get the needed number of views to support keeping the show going then I will organize a fund raiser to raise the needed amount to complete Season 3.  Let's try and get Preppy Kitty Style one million views though so we don't have to go down the fund raiser path if we can help it

I love you all and don't forget to check out my official website for all the latest news on everything!

I love everyone, let's "save the show"!