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Friday, January 4, 2013

Save the Show Info

Hello Everyone,

The fundraiser is finally here.

I'm very excited about this because it's an opportunity for the fans to come together and show how much this series has meant to them.

Here's a link to the Save the Show Fund Raiser 

When I uploaded the first episode I never thought I would have touched the lives and hearts of so many people.  Many of your kind words have helped me to push on through the years continuing to make more episodes, despite my spine injury last year. You've told me how I have a way of brightening your worst day, making you smile and laugh just when you needed it.  You've mentioned that even though you can't have a cat of your own I have become your cat and you've come to love and cherish me.  Perhaps most notably, you want to know... How does Kona get rescued from the future:)

I've reached a point now however where I need to make a very serious decision.  I've sacrificed my personal savings and time to do all I can to bring you the show but reality has now set in.
Do I stick with my current full time (yes, it's true, cats have now entered the work force) job and say goodbye to the show? Or do I take the plunge and dive in releasing an N2 episode every 1-2 weeks for you?  I can no longer do both and must choose one.
If I make the commitment to leave my job and work on the show for you I will need your support.  You have always been there for me and reassured me that you would help if it ever came to this and now I'm humbly asking you for your assistance

What We Need & What You Get
In order for us to complete Season 3 and keep the show going we will need to raise $5500.00  This will allow me to work on the show for YOU releasing an episode every 1-2 weeks.  The amount of $5500.00 will provide me with $1000.00 a month for 5 months to complete Season 3. Any amount we raise above our $5500 goal will propel us into Season 4.  For every $1000 we raise over $5500 will give us an extra month to keep the show going into Season 4!
You need to be rewarded though, so here are some "Totally Awesome, YEP", perks for you!
  1. $1-15  Get a personal shout out for your awesome contribution in an up coming episode
  2. $25      Receive 1st reward and get a free digital copy of Preppy Cat the album
  3. $50      Receive 1st – 2nd reward and an autographed picture of Kona and N2
  4. $100    Receive 1st -3rd rewards and receive a phone call from N2 (within North America)
  5. $500 Receive 1st-4th rewards and spend the day 9am-9pm with N2 and Kona.  You must provide your own transportation and accommodations.
  6. $1000           Receive 1st-5th rewards and have an N2 and Kona episode all about you and your pet and or family*** (you will need to provide photo’s and or video) You will also be named as an official show sponsor for each webisode of N2 the Talking Cat. 
All prizes must be redeemed by July 30th 2012
If you prefer that the episode about you be private and not part of the series then it will not air on YouTube but will be sent to you via DVD as a personal copy (Please contact VersaBC to determine if your content will be approved)

The Impact
Black cats and shelter cats carry a stigma.  Many feel that they bring bad luck or that they do not make good companions in comparison to those you could purchase from a breeder.  With your support my show will continue to raise awareness that adopted pets (especially the shunned black ones) are some of the most loving, affectionate pets you could ever own.  I'm living proof that a black shelter pet can make a difference in our society.  I believe I've  helped to shed some of this stigma and will continue to do so with your support.
I cannot begin to explain how much YOU have touched my life with your comments and support.  I feel that this show brings so much to the lives of our young ones and also those who seek entertainment that isn't tainted with vulgar language, violence, and graphic images etc.  
With your generous support the show will continue.  It will continue to bring joy to the hearts of all those who value creative/innovative (kitty cat) entertainment.  Together we will be able to spread the message that black cats are OK and not to be feared.  They are affectionate, kind, gentle and loving pets.
Please join me in making a difference and providing entertainment that you personally have an opportunity to be a part of and proud of.  Your contributions will make it possible for the show to continue
Other Ways You Can Help
Some of you just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help:
Share my video's with your friends and family, let them know about our "Save the Show" campaign and that this little kitty needs there help.  One person alone will struggle to make a difference, but together we can accomplish our goal and save the show.