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Friday, January 25, 2013

Latest N2 News on Video Game/ Fund Raiser/ Website

Well it's been a few weeks since the last time I checked in so I just wanted to update everyone on how we're coming along with our save the show efforts.  So far we've raised $1907.00 in three weeks raising 35% of our goal.

The deadline is March 28, 2013 and it appears we just may reach our goal if we can keep up this pace :)

So on my FaceBook Fan Page I've been having you fans post pictures of your cats.  I've then posted them each hour from 12pm to 10pm.  As well we have some awesome fan art that you've been posting on my wall as well.  I had no idea that you'd like it so much and that some of you would have such a positive response from other fans, with many of your pics getting over 600 likes.  So I've decided to add this as a regular section to my official website in the coming month.  Every day you will have the chance to vote every 10 mins for your fav pic.  You will be able to send in your pet pics once it's up and live.  Until that time however we've received all the pics we can handle.  Within the first week we've received 100's of pics, I've tried my best to keep up but soon realized within the first hour that I needed to pull in some extra help with this.  So my official website will soon be able to process all of your requests.  I'm creating a fan membership sign in section as well.  You'll be able to sign in and create your own profile or use your Facebook or twitter account to log in like you can with other sites that provide this option.

Every time you vote for a pet while your signed in you'll be able to accumulate "Preppy Points".  These points will add up so that you can claim all sorts of prizes like Face Time chats, phone calls, free albums, paw print autographed pics, being in a video and meeting me and Kona.  These are some of the rewards and we're looking at adding more once it gets going.  You'll be able to get lots of "Preppy Points" another way as well….. with….


My new video game will be out in a few months and you can earn all sorts of "Preppy Points" and build up your "Preppy Meter".  The video game will have Kona flying high in the air in her hover litter box.  She will need to dodge Oglogs that try to capture her and throw things like "Light Beer" at her.  Or you can also be me… oh… I mean… you can be "Super Hero Cat" and use special attributes like a Super Sonic Purr and other Preppy Powers

We're also working on another game where you'll be able to walk all around the house as me or Kona and explore all sorts of places as well as feed me, pet me, change litter, kind of like a web kin but WAYYYYY CooooLER!

I've also been hard at work writing new episodes for you, hopefully if we reach our fundraiser goal earlier than expected we can get to work on them soon.

Hope this helps give you a way cool update on everything N2

Stay Preppy,

Your feline friend,