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Friday, September 14, 2012

Preppy Cat (Lyrics)

This one's for all those preppy kitty cats out there 
I see you
This is your home boy n2 
Representing all the preppy felines 
check me out

1st Verse
I am a preppy Kitty you should check me out
Watch me do my dance, I'm so preppy preppy wow
Got my preppy hat and my stunna shades on
I never a wear a sweater made out of nylon

I wear sweaters cuz i'm coming from the cold 
Put my gloves on I'm so preppy oh
The Ladies love me 
Read it on me now 
I am  a preppy cat, you should check me out 

I play basketball in my preppy jersey 
I kick a soccer ball look at me I'm preppy 
I try to look so hot when I get dressed 
Don't act like you're not impressed 

I beat up Kona when I get a chance 
I'm so preppy aint got time for romance 
Watch me do my dance, watch me do my dance
Watch me do my preppy, preppy, preppy, preppy dance!

Chorus x 2 
I am so preppy, this is my dance
If you can feel me clap clap your hands
I am so preppy, prep-preppy cat
Preppy cat, prep-prep-preppy cat

2nd Verse 
Got a leather jacket in my preppy closet 
Got to take it out cuz I want to really rock it 
Get my inspiration from my Preppy Sweaters
Look at me I'm hot, I could never look better

So handsome, So fly 
So hot, I'm a preppy preppy guy 
On another level, oh oh my 
The ladies go crazy when I walk on by 

Call mr. mr. mr. kitty 
So oh popular, known around the city
Big in my country, big around the trail 
So oh  big, I blow up the scale 

I'm on a diet for weight management
I guess I got so Preppy that I couldn't handle it, oh
I'm a rock star, I'm a big thing
Looking so preppy when I chase around the string, yep

Chorus x 2 

I hit a home run with this one hommie 
Representing all the fine felines
yeah, aint no one taking away my preppy 

I'm so preppy, yep, yep, I'm so preppy (repeat to fade)
Hey Kona check me out!
Time to go play some Golf 
Got some new clubs here
Gonna go do what I do
I'm a Kitty Cat
Making my Song
This is N2!

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