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Friday, September 14, 2012

Super Hero Cat (Lyrics)

Oh another rainy day 
Nothing much going on here
Well, at least Kona's not around anymore
Ah peaceful times, so happy 

1st Verse 
I was sitting by the window
looking oh so hot
Had some preppy sweaters on
loving life a lot

Boom the office chair 
suddenly appears 
Smoke all around it
out of nowhere 

What was I to do
What was I to think 
Empty with a note attached
I think I'll need a drink 

Got to be some explanation
As I moan and wail 
The note says bring the Tuna
Kona's in Jail 

I'm Super Hero Cat 
Coming to the rescue said I'm
Super Hero cat
Coming through to save you, cuz I'm 
N N N2
N N2 the super cat, I'm 
Super hero cat 
N N2 the Hero Cat 

Villains be aware 
Better run and hide because I'm 
Super Preppy Cat 
I have super powers 
Like a super sonic purr 
Never saw it coming 
Yes I'm Super Hero Cat 
N N2 the super kitty

2nd Verse 
I better get myself ready
Looking Preppy and Hot
Should I wear the Junior Mint
I like that one a lot 

No I got to keep my focus 
From this moment on 
I know which shirt that I will choose 
The one that says GAME ON

Now I'm ready, in the mode
Hope this chair don't explode 
Fuel it up with some catnip
So excited for my time trip

Getting second thoughts 
Maybe I should take a Nappy
No, Got to go save Kona 
Call me Mr. Happy


Now I'm floating somewhere 
In the sands of time
Will I reach my destination 
Where the whiskers am I 

Passing though some gases
That smell just like Kona
I know that she was here
I can smell her aroma

Why did I decide 
to take this crazy trip
Oh who cares anyway
I'm eating all the catnip

I'm running out of fuel 
As I reach my destination
Mr. Happy I am no longer
I'm about to crash this spaceship


3rd Verse 
Looking all around
As I walk around the lair
Kona's got to be here 
I smell her in the air

Heart starts pounding
Paws feel heavy 
Tail starts twitching 
Oglogs surround me 

Oglogs surround me   

So uh, you got pretty sharp teeth there
You know just because I don't have front claws
Doesn't mean I don't pack a mean back left leg hook 
I could scratch your face really bad
Stay off me, stay away

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