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Friday, September 14, 2012

Earth Song (Lyrics)

When you look around the world today
What do you see?
Do you see things that need to change?
Do you think it can ever be done?

1st Verse
Climate changing, global warming
Bees in the field no longer swarming
Chemicals hindering growth
Fields are bare, how can we cope  

Irrigation, pesticide drift
Look around, what’s happening with this
Planet I use to call my home
Now it’s full of concrete I feel so alone

Air pollution, ozone depletion
Gmo’s and oil secretion
I love tuna; it’s my favorite dish
But now I find there is Mercury in fish

Clearcutting, deforestation
Animals lose homes humans take vacations
I don’t know why humans do all of this
Is it greed, is there something that I missed?

Did you know Rainforests provide a home to some of the most amazing animals on earth. However, because of mining and deforestation countless species of animals are losing their homes
we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day, That’s 50,000 species a year.

2nd Vesre
Oh Mr. Cooperate look what you’ve done
You’ve ruined everything under the sun
Except your bank account that’s doing just fine
But pretty soon we’ll run out of time

What happened to the good ol’ days
When you could take water straight from a lake
Oil spills, covering marine life
Shark fins, delicacy yeah right

Endangered species, new car lease’s
Eating all the pie, but where’s their piece’s?
Did you think when you took away their homes?
Did you think of their families left alone?

What’s a baby polar bear going to do now?
With out a momma cuz the ice caps are gone now
This is something that’s really really strange
This is something that’s really got to change 

Pollution, hunting and poaching has made the polar bear endangered but did you know a major threat to Polar Bears is the rapid loss of sea ice
As the Arctic continues to warm due to climate change, two-thirds of the world's polar bears could disappear by the middle of this century if no action is taken to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
3rd Verse
Take a moment to watch the sun set
That’s something you’ll never regret
Feel the raindrops caress your skin
Allow yourself to take it all in

Enjoy yourself shout hello from a hill
Watch the leaves fall as time stands still
Watch a shooting comet fly on by
Say goodnight to the stars sometimes

Say hello to your best friend today
Give them a hug; it’s going to be ok
Laugh, cry and take your life all in
Don’t let people get under your skin

Enjoy the simple things they’re all free
Enjoy the simple things take it from me
Change the world one smile at a time
You can make a difference as you reach the finish line

Now something I don’t quite understand is
If I’m just a stupid old kitty cat
How can I be so smart and see all of these things?
Well… the answer is simple
I’m preppy!  And I’m HOT! And Kona’s NOT!
But really, you need to do your part to help save our planet
Treat it like a beautiful gem that it is
Before it’s too late 

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