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Friday, September 14, 2012

Who Knows (Lyrics)

Hello master
Oh, why are you so sad?
Let me cheer you up

1st Verse
Have you lost a friend 
Someone you love 
I'll be your friend 
Someone to love 

I'll be your sunshine 
I'll be the rain 
I'll be the one
To brighten your day 

I'll be your strength
I'll be your tower
Day after day
Hour after hour 

When you will sleep
I'll lay by your side
Ride through the storm 
Right by your side 

Who knows, who knows
Us kitties we know
We know when you're sad
And when you feel low

We know all your pain 
And when you feel hurt 
We know when you cry 
Don't worry were there

If you need a friend
Were there to the end 
Wipe away tears 
Cuz we'll be your friend 

Who knows, who knows
Us kitties we know
We know we know 

2nd Verse 
When you are sad and when you feel low
Us kitties know we know we know 
And when you have no, have no place to go 
Us kitties we know we know 

We're quickly there to gently comfort you 
Unconditional love you know that it's true 
When you cannot find a friend to call your own 
Us kitties will love you like you are our own 


3rd Verse 
We'll cherish you 
All that we can 
Brighten your day 
24 7 

Who knows who knows 
Us kitties we know
Please hold us tight 
And never let go 

The pain that you fell 
Will soon dissipate 
Like it was carried
Away the rain 

All we need is love 
And a little bit of food 
Wipe away your tears 
We all love you 


Don't worry master
Everything's going to be ok 
I'll be here with you 

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