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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Script for Super Hero Cat Saves Kona Part 1 - N2 S3 Ep9

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd start posting the scripts to the episodes that I put on my channel, I hope you enjoy them

This is the script for the last episode

Super Hero Cat Saves Kona Part 1 - N2 S3 Ep9 

VersaBC: Ok N2, everyone's been waiting for this story, tell us how Super Hero Cat saved Kona

N2: Well, it all happened like this…. 

(shot blurs out)

N2: Super hero cat was in disguise in one of his preppy blue outfits, surrounded by 1000's of Oglogs
Then everything became Green and SuperHero Cat  blasted his way past all the Oglogs with his Super Sonic Purr 

The sound waves of that Super Sonic Purr were quite Super Sonic Indeed, yep 

Scanning the Oglogs secret lair with his Super Duper Scanning vision, our hero spots the Oglogs Main Headquarters where they've developed a sinister time machine of their own, complete with a functional flux capacitor  

Continuing his Scan of the facility our hero finds Kona locked behind bars in a cold dark prison 

Our Hero crashes to the ground inside wearing his cape and shouts, KONA!

Kona was very intrigued, who was this fine young dashing feline specimen 

N2: Kona look out (shoots laser eyes)  

N2 at end of Episode 

je m'appelle N deux le chat noir, noir, noir, noir 

Je ne peux pas faire de la bicyclette 

mais je peux danser √† la discoth√®que, yep, yep, yep, yep