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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moving to a new home

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this edition of my totally awesome new blog. Did you know sometimes humans have to move to a different home? It could be unavoidable and for a number of different reasons. This is a prospect that can be very scary for us cats. I wish humans would appreciate how much work is involved in finding the best sunning spots to take a nap. But still we want to support our humans. After all, they rescued us from the shelter; give us lots of love, attention and tantalizing cat treats. So I thought I would give you my suggestions on how to look after your cat when moving to a new home.
  1. Board your cat for a few days before you make the move: Whilst I personally find travelling in the car extremely lame. Travelling to a boarding facility can be helpful so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting lost or escaping. Lets face it with all the strangers coming in and out of the home I know I wouldn’t like it.  I would want to come home to a fully set up preppy pad.
  2. Nominate one or two rooms for your cat to stay in for the first few days. Make sure all windows are closed and that any other escape routes are blocked off so that your cat doesn’t get out. Be sure to include your cats bedding, toys and clothing smelling off you. This will be comforting to us and help us settle into our new environment.  Set up our food area and a space for us to use the litter-box.
  3. Maintain regular feeding schedules. Try and keep our routines the same as we had in the previous home.
  4. Spend time with your cat in the room he/she is staying in. I would suggest low-key activities such as reading or watching TV.

Once all the packing is completed gradually give your cat access to the rest of the house. When your cat begins to explore your new home reward your cat with tantalizing cat treats.

In my next blog I will be discussing the importance of planning for natural disasters with you pet.

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