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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Natural Disaster Plan for you and your cat

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. Life as a cat is pretty good I have a home and family off my own who love to give me lots of attention and tantalising cat treats. It’s totally awesome, yep!

Recently I was watching the news because I like to be an informed cat and I saw that there were terrible bush fires in Australia. This made me very sad for all the people and the animals who lost their homes as a result of the fires. It got me thinking about the importance of being prepared in case of an emergency.  I know you can’t live your life in fear however I want to encourage all of my fans to consider developing an emergency evacuation plan for you and your pet.
Firstly, I suggest determining where you could relocate your pet too if you have to evacuate. Identify if they have any specific requirements. For example, some boarding kennels require animals have up to date vaccinations.
The next step I suggest is having an emergency pack prepared for each of your pets which have the following items included
·        Blankets, bedding and nesting materials: Most animals, myself included will not like being moved to a new location. After all the house is our domain. Therefore if you can make sure that these items are familiar to us it will help comfort us during a very stressful time.
·        Toys
·        Food and water: Don’t forget to include some bowls for us to eat and have a drink.
·        Carrier: Cat carriers usually take us bad places like to the vet so we may be hesitant to get into our carrier. You might like to get different carrier than the one you would normally use. If it’s different we may be intrigued by this new item in the home so we may cooperate with you. If this doesn’t work and you are like Kona and more intrigued by box you may like to use the box to carry us to the car and then have one of your humans ready to put us in our normal carrier.
·        Litter box and litter
·        In a water proof bag place a picture of your pet, vet contact information and our vaccination certificates.
·        You may also like to put a preppy collar with a personalised ID tag on your pet. If they are like me and don’t go outside you at least want to have some reassurance that if we do get separated that whoever picks us up knows that we have staff members.

Be preppy, be prepared but make sure you live your life to the fullest too.
Love N2

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