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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cats Fight Over Tuna (Script and Scene Overview)

VersaBC: Who wants tuna? 

Kona: ME!!!

VersaBC: Bon appetite, make sure you share with N2 Kona 

Intense slurping sounds

N2: Kona, you're splashing the tuna juice everywhere with your slurpy tongue 

Kona: This is gooooooood 

Kona: Quit hogging all the tuna 

VersaBC: Here you go N2, Kona you have to share, be nice to N2, let him have a little bit too 

Kona: Hand over the can if you know what's good for you fatty

(Kona makes munching noises while eating tuna) 

Kona: I'll just have another little bite while I'm here, hey, not fair 

Kona: Time for the old back door bandit trick, oh heyyy, I see you still have tuna here, hope you don't mind if I just

VersaBC: Kona, let N2 have his turn, you've already had enough so far

Kona: Let me take a look at the calorie count there N2, Houdini time!

Kona: Time for another back door trick 

Kona: Don't mind me I'm just your local floor cleaner, everything looks good here, I'll kill you 

VersaBC: Here you go N2, Kona, let N2 eat

Kona: Houdini Time 

VersaBC: Kona

Kona: Time for another back door bandit trick, punch to the face 

VersaBC: Kona, let N2 N2 eat in peace 

Kona: No fair, that's an illegal ninja move from the government 

Kona: N2 if you take one more bite of that tuna, as soon as he's gone to bed you're gonna get the biggest beating of your life 

VersaBC: Hey, what did you just say to N2 

N2: I'm not really that hungry right now 

VersaBC: Here you go N2, don't let her intimidate you 

Kona: Time for another back door bandit trick

Kona punches N2 

Kona: You got a tape worm or something? 

Old Western Music 

VersaBC: Here you go N2, Kona you settle down 

Kona: illegal ninja moves from the government 

Intense music, Kona's head appears 

Kona: Me, me! (Kona bites N2) 

N2: You're such a spaz 

Kona: What'd you say? 

N2: crazy lady

Kona: you want crazy? 

N2: Hey, behave! 

Kona: call me crazy 


VersaBC: Hey N2, show everyone your preppy stance, oh yeah, classic N2, paws close together, chest out, big kitty cat eyes, can you do it Kona? 

Kona: easy, well, what do you think?  Come, on, tell me, I wanna be preppy too

VersaBC: uh… well… 

Kona: time for another Back door bandit trick