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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A preppy checklist for adopting a cat

Hello everyone,

As you know pet adoption is a cause very close to my master and me. I consider myself to be a very fortunate preppy cat to have such a wonderful forever home to call my own.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat from a local shelter I have developed a preppy checklist of supplies you will need to welcome your newest family member.

  • A cat bed: A basket is essential for a cat. Soft fabric is the best kind we don’t want it to be too thickly padded.

  • A blanket: If it gets cold we can use this in our basket

  • Litterbox: My personal favorite is an enclosed litterbox this way your cat has some privacy. Be sure to place the litterbox in a quite location and that your cat always has access to it.

  • Litter for the litterbox

  • Climbing tree and scratching post: If your cat is like Kona wrecks things a scratching post and climbing tree may save your furniture. When we scratch an item whether its a climbing tree, scratching post or furniture we peel the outer layer from our retractile claws. We also mark the scent glands on the underside of off our front paws.

  • Food and water bowls

  • Cat food: Talk to the shelter about what your cat has been eating. If you make any changes be sure to do this gradually so your cat doesn’t get an upset tummy.

  • Toys: We need to be kept amused especially if you are only cat. Oh my life was so good when I was only cat. My personal favorites things to play with are toy mice and ping-pong balls. They are really great to chase, swat and stalk.

  • Collar and Tag: A stylish cat collar with a tag, which has contact details of both your humans and vet on it, is a good idea especially if your cat is going to be an outdoor cat.  Some collars come with a bell on it which can be a good way to help protect the wildlife.

  • Cat nip: Because catnip is totally awesome yep!
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