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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My tips for keeping all the preppy felines entertained

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my new totally awesome blog! Us cats are fascinating creatures and I should know after all I have so many wonderful fans around the world who follow my show and me on YouTube and social media. So I thought I’d share my insights with you and your cats.

It can be hard when our humans go off to work everyday. In my case If you don’t have another cat to annoy you like Kona it can be quite boring. So here are my tips to keep all the preppy felines entertained.

Provide a room with a view: Windows are our TV. Your human may like to get a birdbath or feeder and place this near a window in your home.

Plant a garden of catnip: I was so excited when I read there is a catnip plant that you can grown in your own home. Mmmm catnip I love it so much. Oops sorry I am getting sidetracked. J You can purchase catnip starter seeds from a garden nursery. If you have a small human this maybe a good project to allow them to bond with your cat. A catnip plant is perfect for indoor cats that don’t get much stimulation. Oh I must get master to do this for me  that would be so cool

Your human can also grow cat grass for you inside. We like to chew on grass but it can be very dangerous for us to go outside so if you can grow cat grass this will help us with our digestion and help the elimination of furballs. Furballs are lame.

Allocated playtime: House cats don’t need to hunt but we still have the skills, which lie dormant if cats have nothing at its disposal to satisfy these urges so playtime is essential. My favorite game is to chase and bat around my toy mouse. Defender cat is another favorite game especially because master gets involved too.

A few other inexpensive suggested games

-          Get some ribbon: Move it around and watch as your cat will try and chase it around and pounce on it.

-          Recycle your tennis or golf balls

-          Cut peepholes in empty boxes or tape boxes together to form a tunnel

My next blog post will discuss strategies you could use if you have to move to a new home with your cat.

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