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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cats with Special Needs: Hearing Impairment

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my totally awesome blog. This week I will be providing my tips on caring for a cat who can’t hear and I don’t mean those cats like Kona who have selective hearing when our human slaves call her out for wrecking things in our home.

Kona: I wreck things to express myself artistically, I want to leave my mark on the world so that everyone knows I was here and that I’m awesome!

N2: Kona, no one cares. I’m trying to be serious and help remind all humans that cats who are deaf can lead a normal and happy life so please go away.

Kona: Fine! I need a beer and then I'm gonna wreck something.

Sorry about that everyone, she's crazy.

Back to the important things, deafness can be caused by a number of factors, it could be hereditary or it could be caused by degenerative factors.

Did you know most white cats are born deaf? There is nothing to be worried about from what I understand cats can cope and lead a comfortable life regardless. This just demonstrates that cats are totally awesome – yep!

Here are my tips for helping a hearing impaired cat live comfortably.

1)      Use vibrations such as a sharp clap of your hands or a foot stomp at close range. When your cat turns around offer him/her a tantalising cat treat.

2)      Toss your cats favourite toys into the cats line of site and then present his/her food dish

3)      Attach a bell to your cat’s collar so that you can locate him/her around your home. Their collar should be a breakaway one with an ID tag stating he/she is deaf, along with your contact details.

4)      Deaf cats have an even stronger sense of smell and maybe become distressed if they can’t see you. Spray your ankles with your normal perfume or cologne. This will help them find you and may help ease their anxiety.

5)      As a cat I can tell you in my day I enjoyed being perched up high to look down on my human slaves. Height gives deaf cats a slight advantage that will increase their comfort level. Provide a safe area where they can perch and observe.

Until next time

Love N2

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