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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cats and Stress

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. This week I will providing my tips on how to help your cat if they are nervous or stressed. I know us cats have an image of being confident and independent but underneath we still have insecurities just like humans. The key to remember is that you are not alone.

The first step is to identify what is triggering your cat’s anxiety. For this edition I will be focusing on separation anxiety.  

Sometimes us cats are very dependent and bonded to our staff members. However in most cases our staff members have to go to work for someone else, this enables them to provide us cats with food and a roof over our heads. However some cats do not realise this and may fret and stress out whenever a staff member is not around to cater to our every demand.

The best way to deal with this could be to consider adopting a companion cat. Hopefully you can find one better than Kona. If this is not an option you can do what is known as graded exposure to help your cat get used to be alone. This involves you going out for a short period of time to start off with and then gradually increase this as your cat starts to become comfortable. However it is imperative that upon your return be sure to make a fuss over your cat. Provide tantalising cat treats, tuna and catnip.

Kona: You could also provide beer it provides antioxidants, and I need all the beer I can get from living with you N2.
N2: She's an uncontrollable alcoholic
Kona: Be quiet if you know what’s good for you fatty.  The fans need to hear the advice from this expertito 

N2: Not PREPPY!  Do you see what I have to put up with? She has no respect. Plus her advice is LAME!

Some other strategies you may like to try include

  • Leaving a shirt you’ve worn in your cat’s basket. This will help you cat feel like you are close by.
  • Providing an enriching preppy paradise for your cat: Include toys and a scratching post. Did you know there are DVDs on the market specifically to entertain cats? The DVD has awesome images and sounds (like birds chirping, squeaking mice and fish moving around in a tank). There is also Relaxation music just for cats available on the market. In fact I think you’ll find that you will enjoy the music with your cats too.

Ultimately, it’s just a matter of patience and being willing to try different strategies such as these one I’ve discussed until you find the right solution for your cat.

Until next time

Love N2 :) 

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