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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rebecca Webb and Patsy

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. This week I will be featuring a special story about a Super fan of mine who has loved cats her entire life. Her name is Rebecca Webb and she rescued her first cat at the age of 4. This is her story:

"My parents were taking me over to see my Uncle on his farm, his cat he rescued earlier in the year from the streets who had just had a litter of kittens. I loved cats, I would always borrow books from the library to read up about them. My father was adamant we weren’t going to adopt a kitten. We were just looking, we have a dog and they don’t get along with cats. I remember the first time I saw the kittens, I was like a kid in a candy store. There was this one cat in particular that stayed with the entire time we visited the farm. We played so many games, I loved him. When it came time to pack up and go home I didn’t want to leave this kitten, I pleaded with Dad to let us take him home. I was getting really sad when he said no but I knew better than start throwing a tantrum. It was a really hot day and the back window of my father’s car was open. The kitten I had been playing with decided to jump in the back seat of the car with me. I was so happy and excited. I asked my Dad once again if he could come home. He finally caved in after he saw how happy the cat made me."

"I decided to name my new kitten Patsy, we did everything together. We went outside to play in the cubby house and we took naps together.  Sadly I did not have Patsy for very long. He was an outdoor cat and he disappeared for almost a week. I remember drawing a missing poster for him. I still have it even until this very day. Later my father found him. He had been bitten by a brown snake (deadly snake from Australia)  and passed away."

"I will always remember Patsy, our bond was one of a kind. As you can see in the picture I loved him so much.  He rarely scratched me even though I was quite overbearing with affection as you can see in the last picture which was one of the last ones we ever took together."

"When the time was right, I told my parents I was ready to welcome another cat from the RSPCA (my local rescue organisation). No one will ever replace Patsy but I loved being a cat parent and wanted to save another life.  However I learned my lesson, after all I went through with Patsy all of my cats were going to be indoor cats. The ultimate lesson I wanted to share was there is no greater love then that of a rescue cat. If you can open your home and your heart, cats give you so much yet ask for so little in return."

Rebecca, you are a very preppy cat parent. Thank you for sharing your story and for adopting cats.

Until next time

      Love N2

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