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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cats with Special Needs: Vision Impairment or Blindness

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. As you know we run a pet adoption promotional campaign at #TeamN2 headquarters so this week’s edition will be the first of many that focuses on providing tips to care for cats with special needs.  

I have prepared some tips on caring for cats who are visually impaired or completely blind. Blindness and visual impairments can be caused by several different things such as glaucoma or trauma. If this happens cats will rely much more on their remaining senses especially smell to help them get around.

  • Your cat will rely heavily on different scents and their memory to help them get around your home. It is for this reason I recommend keeping the food, litter box and furniture in the same place.
If you are entertaining and have to move chairs or any other furniture around please be sure you remember to put in its original place.

  • Highlight potential hazards for your cat such as such a stair landings with a small amount of lemon oil or potpourri. We don’t like those smells and if you cat is as smart as me then they will avoid that area of your home.
  • Make sure your cat has a quick release collar with their name, address and your phone number as well as that of your vet.
  • Be Patient with your cat throughout this change
  • Be helpful to your cat by avoiding leaving things lying on the floor that your pet can bump into. If you have small humans be sure to introduce this as a house rule to them as well. The last thing you want is your cat tripping over a wash basket or anything like that it wouldn’t be very preppy at all for your cat.
  • Block access to any stairways, balconies and decks.
  • You can still enjoy quality playtime with your cat, you can buy toys that stimulate other senses. For example, there are balls with bells in them that allow your cat to bat around with their paws and chase around the home. There are paper bags and balls as well as one of my personal favourite catnip scented toys. Oh catnip! I love it so much. You have to get this for your cats because it’s totally awesome – yep!

Love N2
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