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Friday, January 31, 2014

Cats and Hairballs

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another totally awesome edition of my blog. This week I will be sharing with you my tips on how to help prevent the formation of hairballs. From a cats perspective hairballs are extremely lame and I imagine that all of our human cat parents would agree.

A hairball is a small collection of fur that is formed in the stomach of animals. Us cats are prone to getting hairballs because we like to keep our coats clean.  Honestly, you would think that because we like to be clean that we would be rewarded for our efforts but no it doesn’t work out that way.

Below are some of my suggestions to help prevent the formation of hairballs in your cat.

  • Daily Brushing: This is especially important if you have a longhaired cat. A nice brushing helps remove loose hair which would otherwise be swallowed by your cat as he/she is cleaning their coat.

N2: I love it when my human slave brushes me, it is a great way to bond with your underlings. Hopefully if you have more than one cat they will share your time unlike Kona who pushes me out of the way so that she gets a brushing instead. I’m the senior cat of the house, she should have some respect

Kona: N2, stop lying to the people. No amount of brushing time with human underling is going to make you look any better, that ship sailed a long time ago. Let’s face it, I’m younger and hotter and the fans deserve to see me looking as awesome as ever.

N2: Do you see what I have to put up with.  She is so disrespectful. Anyway, human slave has just taken her away to allow me to finish my blog in peace. Let’s continue with my tips

  • Consider introducing a special formula of dry food for hairball prevention into your cat’s diet. You will find your cat will respond better to this rather than any smelly products that you put on our paws. My dear fans it is not very preppy at all to do this to us. You have to appreciate that cats take great pride in our appearance and unsightly oils and smells from a paste on our paws just hinders this process.
  • If your cat is excessively grooming, which is a contributing factor to hairballs and you are following the last two steps all is not lost. You may like to distract your cat from grooming all the time. I suggest buying lots of new toys to play with, you could also try and play defender cat which is a very interactive game. If you still find your cat needs a little bit more encouragement try some catnip or tuna to encourage playtime.

Love N2
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