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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cats & a vacation

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. One thing I have never understood is why humans go away on vacation. Surely staying at home with a preppy feline like me is equally as enjoyable if not more so. Of course I can totally understand why they’d want to get away from Kona.... SHE'S CRAZY! 

Kona: I’m not crazy N2. 

N2: Yes you are Kona, stop trying to ruin my blog.

Sorry about that everyone, anyway in this week’s edition I will be providing you with my tips on how to preparing your cat when you are going on vacation.

  • Depending on your vacation destination you may be able to take your cat with you. After all we are part of the family too. We could bask in the warmth of the sun in 5 star resort too! However I would only suggest doing this if your cat is confident and used to go going out and about with you.
  • If you are boarding your cat, check out the options well in advanced. You may like to ask fellow cat parents and the vet for a suitable recommendation. I then suggest making an appointment to view the facilities of any cattery you are consideration to see if it preppy enough for your cat.
  • If you board your cat make sure you have our vaccinations and worming treatment completely up to date as the cattery will ask you to present this when you your cat into the facility.
  • Transport your cat in a secure cat carry cage. It is a good idea to pack our basket, favourite blanket and/or cushion to help us feel much more comfortable. I also recommend that on the last three nights before your vacation wear the same old t-shirt to bed. Put in with our beading so that we can smell your aroma while you are away. This will bring us great comfort.
  • Your cat should also have a collar with an ID containing contact details of the principal parent and carer in your absence. If your cat is travelling with you then make sure you put the contact number of where you are staying at on the tag.

Stay Preppy

Love N2

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