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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Intergrating a second cat into your home

Hello everyone,

Adopting a pet is a wonderful thing you as a humans can do. There are some many animals in local shelters that need to find good homes. My master loves to save a life and provide a good home to shelter animals. He saved my life and Kona’s and we are very fortunate to have our own family.

Personally, life was pretty good before Kona came round (No it wasn't your life was incomplete without meee!) . She steals my food all the time and its not fair. (I don't steal food N2, you should share!) Oh Kona, go away I'm busy.
Okay now where we, awe yes adopting a second cat from your local shelter.  I know master meant well by adopting Kona, he wanted me to have a companion after my dear brother Night crawler passed away. Night Crawler was such a great brother.
This edition of my blog will provide my suggestions on how to integrate a second cat into your home.

  • We need a human to supervise the initial meetings

  • Never force cats of any age together, we will adjust at our own pace and time. For instance, when master first bought Kona home he allowed us to work things out on our own.  He knows that I am extremely intelligent and will decide if I wanted to be friends with Kona or not.

  • Be sure to provide your resident cat with plenty of attention and catnip! Your resident cat will need to feel their security and status within the home is not threatened by the new arrival. I might print this point out and stick it on the fridge for master to see.  N2, you should feel threatened because I'm smart, beautiful and awesome. Who wouldn't love meee?

  • Provide your resident cat with their own safe places to retreat if they feel the need.

  • Allow both cats the opportunity to interact with one another a few minutes at a time at least six times a day for a few days.  It maybe a safer option to have your new addition in their carrier. I voted for N2 to go into the carrier.  No way Kona, I am the chief resident of the house it should be you that goes in there.

  • When both cats seem comfortable you can begin to let the cats interact with each other for short periods outside of the carrier.

  • Don’t shut the cats up in the one room when they meet instead give both cats the opportunity to retreat to a different area of the home.

  • Use separate food dishes so we don’t compete with each other for food.

Stay Preppy

Love N2

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