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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A cat and a baby (the two legged kind)

Welcome to the latest edition of my blog. This week I’ll be addressing how to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby.

Cats are not big fans of major changes to our daily routine.  This is especially true as if you have a preppy mature feline like me. Therefore it is imperative that we are well prepared for the new arrival.

Below are some tips to assist you with these preparations
  • Schedule quality time to spend with your cat after you have spent time attending to the baby. This way we will not see the new arrival as competition or feel like we are being replaced. Be sure to ask any visitors you may have to make a fuss over us as well as the baby too. 

  • Allow us to smell the new baby’s belongings. This will satisfy our curiosity and allow us to see the new arrival does not present any kind of threat to us.

  •  Maintain our regular routine to the best of your ability. This includes meal times and also provision to provide us with tantalising cat treats.
Stay Preppy
Love N2

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