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Friday, August 16, 2013

N2's Health and Fan Mail

Hello everyone,

It's been a very busy week and things look to keep up at this pace for the next little while.  Kona has been very kind to me as I've been dealing with my food intolerance's, she only fights me twice a day now.

As you may have seen in the most recent video, I've had trouble with dry food and am making a partial switch to wet food.   You can watch my reaction to my new food here:

I've been doing much better on wet food and I've only been sick twice so far.  When I do get sick it's much less than on the dry food.  When Master (slave) went to go pick up my new wet food he was informed that there is a senior formula for cats that helps kitties like me with sensitive stomachs.  The food is the best they have, it's called "Now".  You can click this link  MY NEW HEALTHY FOOD to go to their web site and read all about it.

The mix of wet and dry food seems to satiate my appetite and maintain my health.  Although my back pain has not gone away I feel much better than when I was on the other food even though it was the same brand but the adult cat formula.  They are both grain free so that makes me happy.

Now to get to your fan mail:)

I was hard at work this week putting together your fan mail for my latest episode.  It's the first episode of a new series I'm making just for your fans called "N2 Fan Mail".

You can watch the video of it here

If you'd like me to feature your letter in one of my episodes then please mail me at the following address:

N2 the Talking Cat 
200 Highland West RD 
PO Box 24052 West Highland PO 
Kitchener, ON N2M 5J0

The next episode will be a continuation of S3 Ep6 Primal Rage.  Kona meets her Primal Rage delivery man and gives them my fundraiser money to pay for her new PED's.  I think you're really going to enjoy it:)

Thank you so much for being the best fans a cat could ask for!  Every time an episode comes out it's because of all you generous fans who helped make Season 3 possible.  Many people email me letting me know how much of a difference Kona and I have made in their lives and it's all because you helped make Season 3 possible with your generous donations.  I can't thank you enough and look forward to more adventures with Kona in the future:)

I love you all and STAY PREPPY!