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Friday, June 28, 2013

Defender Cat


I'm so hungry, feed me now... oh wait this is my blog... uh... ok here's some updates on my new episode and my shout-outs to all my fans.

So my latest episode is called "Defender Cat" it's the 5th episode of Season 3.  It features one of my skills that I've been developing for the "Cat Olympics", being a goalie.  I think I'm a very good goalie for the most part and that I could make any professional sports team that would give me a try out.  The origins of "Defender Cat" date back to when I was a little kitten.  I would love to play cards with Master and unlike most cats who would take one card that's thrown and take it away and play with it, I would patiently wait for the next card to be thrown and not carry them off and continue to play with Master waiting for the next card to be thrown.  Unlike me however, Kona is a wild animal, she can't play Defender Cat because when she does she captures one card, picks it up, and takes it off like it's her prey.

Check it out here and don't forget to try this out with your kitty

I hope that you enjoy all of the video's we're able to put out for you and remember it's because of all of your generous donations that Season 3 is possible.  Without your support none of these video's would've been created and we wouldn't be able to continue to spread the message of pet adoption

The next video will feature Kona making a mess in the bathroom and her watching a late night infomercial about getting "buff" for the Olympics and ordering some illegal PED's, you're going to love it.

Stay "Preppy" and "Totally Awesome", yep!