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Saturday, June 29, 2013

N2 Fundraiser Shout-outs

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed my latest video "Defender Cat".  At the end of the video there's a link to fundraiser shout-outs.  Here's the video just in case you didn't get a chance to see it

Here's a list of all those who donated to help make Season 3 possible

Cat Treat                  

David Taylor
Kristine Heeger
Michele Galata
Sarah Carknard
Diane Chenault
Patricia Farrar
John Merklinghaus
Greg Schneider
Abby Christman
Monika Davare
Mitch Collins
Andina Luci Franks
Rebecca Simms
Donna Rail
Troy Krupinski
Randy Mont-Reynaud
June Vigil-Storm
Susan Korosi
Dawn Stilwell
Gloria Fernandez
Jayann Dexheimer
Michelle Thompson        

Fish Toy Frenzy 

Mr. Biggy
Magdalena Lamping
Angela Penberthy
Krystal DeMoranville - Shout-out to Bon Bon
Karen Cox                  
Derek Travers
Edie Guild                   - Master Chief
Patricia Swain             - Contact to get involved in regulating trapping
Jennifer Walsh 
Nick Howarth
Nicole Murphy
PJK Store
Marlene Fazio 
Sandy Karasik 
Jordan Garrett
Hildy Russell              - Shout-out to Friday the Cat
Lauren Porubski
Rachel Fitzpatrick
Randi Day
Shari Gunderson         - Shout out to Sophie Kat and Simon Cowell
Ariane Demers

Preppy Kitty

Zahra Hameed             

Cynthia Gulacsy
Alex Meditz 
Lisa Singletary 
Jody Stibbs 
Marcus Krzastek
Kevin Shoom     
Heather Cummins 
Penny Johnson 
Michael Fuentes
Shawn Marie Frazier
Diane Pena
Laura & Giovanni 
Judy Lopez
Alex Wong
Laura Davis  

The Big Tuna  

Laura Carminati
S Nordhoff 

Alicia Peaker  
Sakae slatton                
Rebecca Webb  
D Barrettt  
Joanne Hampshire 
Aimee Ganly  
Rosalie McCoy    
Connor McCoy

Catnip Bonanza 

Pamala Griset 
Christine Harris 

The Show Saver 

Tabbie Roman       

It was so amazing to see all of my fans come together to make this happen.  Thank you so much for your support and get ready for the next episode:)