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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strike Demands

Hello Everyone,

I hope you really enjoyed the most recent episode "Strike Demands"

First off, I'd like to thank all of the Season 3 supporters who helped make this possible.  Without your generous support none of this would've been possible.  I now have the time I need to make "quality" episodes and release them on a bi-weekly basis instead of every 3 months.  You probably noticed that the quality in the footage for the show has increased dramatically with "Who Knows" and "Strike Demands".  That's because I was able to get a new camera lens and some camera rig equipment that helps to give shots that professional look.

I apologize for not getting the video out on Wednesday as I had hoped for.  There were some complications with the editing process that required me staying up all night working over 18 hours straight, but I was able to release it on Thursday morning as soon as it was completed.

So in this episode it starts out with Kona doing pushups on the couch, she's a wild animal and nothing seems to be slowing her down in her fevered Olympic training.

The shot with .34 seconds in of the water fountain was achieved by having the camera on a track and then stopping filming 3/4 of the way, removing the old water bowl and then placing the new water fountain in its place and moving the last 1/4 of the way on the track.  It provides a very interesting illusion of the water bowl simply disappearing and being replaced by a new water fountain.  The same effect was used for the cat stairs which Kona proudly shows off.

The bagging of fur really couldn't be capture to the full extent just how much fur was really there.  That was the left over fur of over a month of being  brushed... yes I shed a lot...

For the music at .52 check out this video for a behind the scenes look at how it was made or "beat-boxed"

Please make sure to write in and pick which Olympic events Kona should train for and which Olympic events she should compete in in this year's "CAT OLYMPICS"

Can't wait to hear what some of you come up with :)

The next video called "Olympic Training" comes out May 15th.... YESSSSSS!!!!


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