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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Preppy Cat CD is in and photo's are sent

Hello everyone,

The Cd's for preppy cat are in check it out!

I had a problem with my past distributor so I just decided to do it myself:)  I've already sent them out to everyone that got back to me about there paypal donation.  If you donated over $50.00 and haven't heard back from just let me know and I'll be sure to send you one:)  It was a perk I added at the end because so many fans were very generous and really wanted to see the show go on so I decided to send some complimentary Preppy Cat Cd's to them with an official "Paw Print Autographed Picture" of me and Kona.

There will be so many to thank in my upcoming episode that I'm going to have to make a thank you video just for that:)  The thank you video won't be released until Ep3 in late April because there are just that many people to thank! 

I'm working on incorporating the "Preppy Cat CD" as a fan reward on my website.  You'll be able to win it by accumulating "Preppy Points" by liking photo's that are sent in by fans and playing the video game that were working on as well.  You can see what stage of the N2 pic o' the day were on here at "N2 Pic o' the Day"  We're really close to having it completed and should have it up in the next couple weeks hopefully:)  

Thanks so much for supporting the show and believing in a couple adopted cats