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Friday, August 24, 2012

Contest Winners and NEW SONG

Hello?  Hello?   Oh there you are!

So the last couple weeks we've been having a lot of fun on FaceBook with different contests.  We've had three contests with two of them being completed.  The first contest was a fan art contest.  The winner of the fan art contest was Diana Maldonado with this totally awesome pic.  She received the most likes with this "Totally Awesome, YEP"! Pic of me, check it out

The next contest was the cutest pet contest and Maddison Rebekah won this contest with this very adorable pic which received the most likes from my fans

The current contest that is being held is the "Preppiest PET" contest, the submission deadline is this coming Monday at 9pm EST Aug27th.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday Aug 29th based on the most likes received so make sure to get your pictures in soon so you can pile up those likes: )

Besides these way cool contests I've been hard at work putting together Season 3 and I made a little teaser for all my fans to check out.

Currently I'm working on a new song/video parody to the YouTube sensation "Oppa Gangnam Star".  I've had trouble pronouncing this title in the song, it's kind of humorous.  Once it's completed I'll be putting it up on iTunes and launching the video.  I'm going to have a lot of fun with it and represent Kitty Cats all around the world with my way cool dance moves.  If you would like to have your pet in the video please submit a video link to me of your YouTube video and I'll make sure to get them added in.  I'm hoping to have the video/song ready to go in the next couple weeks.  You can email me the link in the contact section of my website

Well that's it for now and I can't wait to see who wins the "Preppiest Pet" contest!

I love all my fans