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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello, my name is N2 the Talking Cat

Hello everyone, 

My name is N2!

I am the talking, talking cat


My Master loves me very much.  He's stuck by me and provided for me for the past 12 years of my life.  To show my loyal support and admiration for him I wait by the bedroom door every morning with Kona to greet him.  

As I enlarge my gigantic pupils and stare at him with my bright green eyes I utter the most gentle words I can think of in that moment…"FEED MEEEEE"!!!

Usually we have fantastic days together, when he's gone I wait for him patiently on the couch.  As soon as I hear the keys opening the door I rush over with Kona to greet him and ask him how his day was 

As he sits down to take off his shoes I try to chew his shoe laces in a desperate plea for attention.  Kona continues to thrust her head into my torso as I bite the laces…. it's a bit awkward I'll admit… soooo….. yeah… anyways lately something has happened that has made things difficult for me, here it goes.

My back has been in much pain for some time now and I've been trying to mask the pain.  When it got so severe that I couldn't move I cried out in pain and finally let on.  Master rushed me to the emergency vet and stayed with me until 3am that night.  Here's the video of that Night 


For the past few months since that flare up I've tried to mask the pain so as not to disappoint Master.  I would purr when I met him each morning, when I ate and when I was pet.  I really wanted to give back as much as he gave me.  

Today though after I greeted Master to say hello I hid under the couch for a few minutes.  I didn't want Master to know the pain I was in.  I couldn't stand the thought of disappointing him.  

He looked for me and summoned, "N2", he called.  I knew I couldn't let him down so I slowly picked myself up and stumbled from behind the couch in severe pain with my tail down, no longer being able to raise it as I normally do.  

As I greeted Master I tried to vocalize a soft meow but barely anything came out.  I was struggling to find the strength to greet him one more time.  Realizing that he was starting to catch on I hid under the couch again.  Master was very concerned and tried to lure me out with my favourite cat treats, which seemed to work quite well.  However, I quickly finished them and hid behind the couch one more time.  

Master knew that something was severely wrong.  He decided to give me my emergency non steroidal anti-inflammatory to help ease the pain.  he disguised it in some moist cat food, very tricky of him I might add, but didn't realize it as I adore the beef flavour of the medication.  I happily gulped my food down.

Content and well fed I walked off to the side of the kitchen wall and began licking myself.  I'll let you know what the next day brings, one day I know my tail will rise again


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