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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bo at the Vet

Hello everyone, it's VersaBC

So as many of you may know by now Bo was bit by Kona in a territory fight.  It seems that even after a month of integrating the two together Kona has trouble accepting Bo.

After seeing the two make very good progress and even grooming one another I decided it was time to let them be alone unsupervised.  Everything went fine for a week until one day when I came back home, Kona had bit Bo's paw so bad that he walked with a noticeable limp.  Bo's paw soon began to swell up and he needed medical attention.  We were relieved to find out that Bo didn't sustain a break or sprain and that it was soft tissue damage

Kona is now visiting Dave drinking all of his beer while we wait for Bo to fully heal up, he's looking good and is nearly at full strength again.  We may let Kona have some more time with Dave as she seems to be liking all the free beer:)

Here's a video of Bo's vocal debut, enjoy everyone!


P.S. there have been a lot of new changes on N2's website and you can see the majority of them under his fan section and visit all of his new social networks